Top 3 Reasons For Loss Of Gas To Your Water Heater

20 December 2016
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If your water heater stops working and gas is no longer flowing to your water heater and keeping things warm, here are the top three things that may be preventing your water heater from getting the gas that it needs to function.

#1 Your Pilot Light Is Blown Out

The most likely reason that gas is not flowing and keeping your water heater going is that your pilot light is out. This can happen if your gas heater is located in a room that you go in and out of often, opening in the door and letting in air. The air could have easily blown out your pilot light, which would prevent your water heater from warming up effectively. This is even more likely if for some reason the cover plate that is supposed to protect the pilot light has been damaged or removed; there would be nothing to stop your pilot light from easily getting blown out.

If your pilot light is not lit, follow the instructions on your water heater to re-light the flame.

#2 You Performed Work On Another Gas Appliance

If you performed work on another gas appliance in your home and turned off the gas, as you always should do when working on gas-powered appliances, this may have caused the pilot light to turn off. Your gas water heater is equipped with sensors that will send a signal to turn off the gas if no heat is detected from the pilot light. This is a great feature that will help ensure that gas doesn't leak into your home; however, in this case, it means that you are going to need to re-light the pilot light to get your water heater working again.

#3 Utility Work Is Being Done On The Line

Often times, when the utility company needs to do work on the gas line, they will turn off the entire supply line of gas for the immediate area. If there doesn't seem to be any issues with your pilot light, call up your utility company and ask them if they are doing work nearby and if they have turned off your gas.

They should inform you before they turn off your gas, but sometimes oversights happen. If they are not doing any work on the lines, see if they can send out a technician to discover what is happening with your gas supply. For more information, speak with a business like Rapid Plumbing Inc.