3 Situations In Which You Should Definitely Call The Plumber

21 December 2016
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Home improvement shows and in-store do-it-yourself demonstrations at local stores have many homeowners believing that they can tackle any plumbing problem alone. The reality is that there are some plumbing issues that require professional assistance so that further damage can be avoided. If you are thinking of fixing a plumbing issue at your home, it is important to recognize when that is not such a good idea. Here are some situations that should lead to a call to a plumber.  

Low Water Pressure

Whether or not low water pressure is a plumbing problem you should try to fix depends on the reason for it. If the issue is your faucet's aerator, you can remove it, rinse it, and replace it. However, if you still continue to have low water pressure problems, there could be a more complex reason why. 

One possibility is that the hot water heater has a sediment buildup. The plumbing lines could also have a mineral buildup or there could be a leak in the system. All of these issues require a professional's touch.  

Sewage Backup

Not many homeowners want to fix a sewage problem, but there are some who attempt. If you are thinking of resolving your own backup, rethink your position.  

Sewage backup is not just a toilet or sink with a waste issue. It could mean a more serious problem that could push sewage out of the toilet and sink and into the rest of your home. It is not only a stinky situation, but it is also unhealthy.  

At minimum, the problem could be a clogged line that needs to be snaked. At worst, it could be a problem with the connection between your sewage system and the city's. Either way, a plumber is needed.  

Toilet or Component Replacements

Some toilet replacements that need to be made can be done by the homeowner. For instance, replacing the seat is a quick and easy repair that you can take care of within minutes.  

However, more complex repairs, such as replacing the toilet seal, needs a plumber. If the seal is not properly replaced, your toilet could leak. If it does, not only could you end up with rusted plumbing lines, but your floors and walls could also be damaged as the water spreads from the leak.  

If you are ever in doubt whether or not you can handle a plumbing issue, call your residential plumbing company. The professionals can help you assess the situation and make a recommendation.