Choose The Right Kitchen Sink For Your Lifestyle

28 December 2016
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When you think of a kitchen sink, what type of image comes to mind? Kitchen sinks come in hundreds of styles and shapes, from deep, single-basin sinks to triple-basin models that look like they belong in restaurants. If you're remodeling your kitchen, it's important to choose a kitchen sink that meets your unique needs. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

Do you wash a lot of dishes in the sink?

If you don't have a dishwasher in your kitchen, or if you prefer to wash dishes by hand from time to time, then you want a sink with at least 2 basins. This ensures you have a spot to rinse the dishes and a spot to soap them up. If you have the space, you may even want to install a 3-basin sink. This way, you can keep the dirty dishes in one sink, soap them in the second sink, and rinse them clean in the third.

Do you cook in a lot of deep pots?

How often do you make pasta in a large pot? If this is a once-a-year endeavor for you, then you can certainly find a way to fill the pot with any sink. However, if you make a lot of pasta -- or boil a lot of other foods in large pots -- you'll want to choose a deep sink that can accommodate these pots. Some 2-basin sinks have one shallow basin and one really deep one for this purpose.

A deep sink is also really useful if you cook and clean a lot of veggies. You can set a colander filled with veggies in the deep sink and just run the water over them. In a more shallow sink, the splashing water will make a mess.

Do you have kids who spend time in the kitchen?

If you have kids who often cook with you, then you may want to install a dedicated hand washing sink. This way, they can keep their hands clean without worrying about getting hand soap all over any veggies or clean dishes you may have sitting in your main sink. A hand washing sink can certainly come in handy even if you don't have kids. Many people put it in their kitchen island so that it's out of the way, but another option is to place it directly next to your larger sink.

To learn more about your kitchen sink options, speak with a plumbing company, like Brown's Plumbing, in your area.