Drain Cleaning Services To Help With Flooding Problems

29 December 2016
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Problems with the drainage around your home can cause serious plumbing problems. In some homes, features like storm drains and basement plumbing may be connected. Flooding that causes blockage can lead many different problems. Here are some of the problems that a sewer cleaning service will be able to help you with when you have drainage problems.

1. Storm Drainage Backing Up into Sewer Lines of Your Home

Storm drains are often connected to sewage systems. When they backup, it can lead to a variety of problems. Drainage systems usually have an overflow that goes to the sewer lines. When the sewer or drain lines backup, this can cause problems with the pluming in your home. To avoid these types of issues, you will want to have blockages cleared in any drainage systems that are connected to your home's plumbing systems.

2. Sewage Pumps and Basement Plumbing Systems Connected to Drainage

Sewer pumps are a component of plumbing systems. They are usually located in lower areas, which pump waste water to the higher sewer lines. This water can be from any of the plumbing drains in your home, as well as for drainage systems that are connected to the sump pump and well systems. If your sump pump is failing, it can lead to problems with drainage of water in your basement, as well as issues with plumbing. There are a couple of things that can help prevent these problems, such as adding a secondary pump or making your sump well larger to handle any excess water. Gold Seal Plumbing and similar companies can help you solve this issue.

3. Trees and Roots Stopping Up You Sewer and Drainage Lines

Roots of plants and trees can be another issue that you have to deal with. They can cause drainage and sewer lines to become blocked. Roots from trees can plug drains, often meaning they need to be replaced. Sometimes, there are other things that can be done to prevent the lines from backing up, such as jetting the lines and other methods of clearing out the roots. Once you have addressed the issues from roots getting in pipes, you will want to prevent them from coming back by keeping plants with deep roots away from plumbing, or by using a type of root barrier system.

There are some problems that you may have with drainage that can also lead to plumbing problems. Contact a professional sewer cleaning service to help with some of these repairs to avoid more serious issues.