Water Heater Making Noises? Three Sounds You May Be Hearing And What They Mean

3 January 2017
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If you hear your water heater making noises, this is likely a sign that something is wrong. What this is depends on the type of sound it is making. Below are three of these sounds and what they mean so you can get your water heater repaired.

Water Heater Is Making a Banging Sound

If you hear a banging sound coming from your water heater when it first comes on, this could be due to lime or scale forming inside the water heater tank. If you hear the water heater making this sound when the water heater is not running, this is a sign that you have problem in your water piping system in your home.

Banging can also be caused when there is water running through the valve and when the valve closes it makes the banging sound. In a case like this, the valve need to be replaced.

Water Heater Making a Clicking or Popping Sound

A clicking or popping sound generally means there is sediment built up in the bottom of the water heater tank. Water gets trapped in the sediment and this water turns to steam when it heats up. Once this happens, it makes a clicking sound as the steam is released. If you do not get this sediment cleaned, it will eventually cause your water heater to leak resulting in a much higher repair bill.The water heater could also start to leak.

Having sediment built up inside the water heater tank can cause other problems also. The water heater may overheat, which damages the lining of the tank and causes a water leak. You may not have as much hot water as you normally do, and you may notice a higher water bill because sediment reduces your water heater's efficiency.

Water Heater is Making a Tapping Sound

If you hear a tapping sound when your water heater is running, it could be a problem with the heat trap. You will find the heat trip on pipes located on top of your water heater. The heat trap makes sure water flows in the right direction in the water pipes, and as the water flows you may hear a tapping sound. You can replace the heat trap with a dielectric nipple to stop the sound if it is bothering you.

Turn off your water heater when you hear it making noises and call a plumber to repair it for you.

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