Partnering With A Plumber To Maximize Space In Your Tiny Home's Bathroom

9 January 2017
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Living in a tiny house can be a great way to enjoy the benefits of owning a home without the lengthy mortgage and expensive payments. Constructing your own tiny home gives you the freedom and flexibility to design your perfect dwelling.

While many people think about partnering with an architect or interior designer to create an awesome living space, many tiny home builders overlook the important role a plumber can play in the design process.

Here are three space-saving fixtures that a plumber can help you install to increase the overall aesthetic of your tiny home's bathroom.

1. Waterfall Faucet

Since space is limited within a tiny home, maximizing the use of vertical space can be critical when it comes to keeping your home both open and functional. By partnering with an experienced plumber during the construction of your tiny home, you can easily reduce the amount of space required to wash your hands in the bathroom by installing a waterfall faucet.

These faucets feature a small box with produces a stream of water that is similar in appearance to a waterfall. The basin needed to catch this water can be narrow as well, allowing you to open up valuable space in your tiny bathroom.

2. Arboreal Shower

The bathroom in most tiny homes isn't large enough to accommodate a bathtub, so homeowners typically opt for a shower feature instead. If you want to take your tiny home's shower to the next level, then you need to partner with a plumber to install an arboreal shower during the construction process.

An arboreal shower gets its name from the many branches it features that resemble a tree. Each branch serves a unique function. The shower head is in the main branch, while another branch features a body and hair dryer and yet another branch can be used as a towel rack. An arboreal shower will give your tiny bathroom aesthetic appeal while seriously saving space.

3. Media-Compatible Toilet

It's an unavoidable fact that you will spend time on the toilet each day. This basic function doesn't have to be utilitarian when you opt to partner with a plumber to install a media-compatible toilet in your tiny home's bathroom.

Toilets that can connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth to broadcast music or other forms of entertainment will allow you to eliminate radios and other devices from your bathroom's floor plan. This frees up valuable space for storage or other fixtures in your tiny bathroom.

Maximizing the use of space in a tiny home's bathroom is critical. You can partner with a plumber to install space-saving fixtures like a waterfall faucet, arboreal shower, or media-compatible toilet to increase your usable bathroom space during your tiny home's construction.