Design And Create A Natural Swimming Pool With No Chemical Treatments

10 January 2017
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If you want to have a relaxing area for your home, pools are a great investment. Natural pools are also popular because of their natural, relaxing ambiance. With a natural pool, you will also have many different options for the designs and features, including natural filtration that can avoid the need to use pool chemicals to treat the water. Here are some ideas to help you with the design of a natural pool that does not need chemical water treatment systems:

1. Designing the Shape of Your Natural Pool to Include Existing Features

The shape of your pool is important and can take many forms. One of the benefits of a natural pool design is that you have a choice between many different design features. You may want to have a pool that has a shallow area, which can be a good place to locate filtration components, such as a small sand beach. Incorporating natural features that are existing, such as rock faces or elevations, can also be good.

2. Adding Streams and Water Features That Will Act as Your Filtration System

The filtration of a natural pool is done with a combination of water features, plants, and filtration through gravels and sands. You will want to have areas like streams with plants and animal life to filter the water. In addition, sand and gravel in these areas will help to keep the water clean and remove small particles in the water. You will want to have a combination of plants that help clean the water. You can also add fish to ponds and wetland areas, which will eat algae and other debris that gets in the water.

3. The Pumps, Plumbing, and Mechanical Systems That Your Natural Pool Will Need

Pumps, plumbing, and mechanical components are still an important component of a natural pool design. You will need well pumps to move water around the different areas and keep water circulating. It is also important to install pond skimmers, which will help to remove debris from the water. In areas like wet land filtering, you may also need to have sponge filters installed to help control algae and debris in the water.

With a natural pool, you will have a relaxing outdoor paradise in your own backyard. It will still need some mechanical systems. You can contact a well pump service to help with the installation of pipes and pumps for your natural pool design. For more information, contact local professionals like Brown's Plumbing, Pumps & Spas.