How To Minimize The Stench Of Porta Potties At Your Outdoor Concert

10 January 2017
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An abundance of porta potties is a necessity at any outdoor concert or music festival. Ensuring that you have enough available will help prevent inebriated concert-goers from "doing their business" somewhere less appropriate. But having a big collection of porta potties on site does present one challenge—a stench. How do you keep the noxious odors from the porta potty area from permeating into the concert venue and nauseating fans? Here are a few tips.

Place the porta potties downwind from the stage and viewing area.

When planning the layout of the concert grounds, pay attention to which way the wind typically blows. (In most areas, the wind almost always blows a certain direction.) If you're having trouble determining which direction the prevailing winds head, just hold up a flag. It will blow in the direction of the wind. 

Arrange your concert venue so that the porta potties are located downwind from the stage and viewing area. In other words, the wind should blow from the stage towards the porta potties—not the other way around.

Face the doors away from the stage.

When the plumber or porta potty rental company arrives to set up the porta potties, make sure they place them with the doors facing away from the stage. This way, when the doors open and the noxious odors spew out, they'll at least flow away from the area where people are standing. 

Have the porta potties pumped daily at a multi-day event.

If your concert or festival is more than one day long, plan on having the rental company return to pump out the porta potties at the end of every day. Though the porta potties may have a large enough capacity to hold several days' worth of waste, the stench will grow notably more pungent after the waste has been sitting there for an entire day. You may have to pay slightly more for this service, but it will result in happier concert-goers who are more likely to return to future events.

Place air freshener in the porta potties.

Purchase a can of air freshener for each porta potty. Make sure you choose a variety that eliminates and fights odors—not just one that attempts to cover odors with a floral scent. You can count on at least a few porta potty users spraying the freshener after they do their business, which should be enough to keep odors to a minimum. 

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