How To Use Plungers And Snakes To Remove Clogs Before Calling The Plumber

17 January 2017
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Clogged pipes are something that everyone must deal with at some point. It can be a hassle to get a plumber to your home to do repairs, and you may have to wait for them to come. Sometimes, the clogged pipes may be easily fixed with a common plunger or a plumbing snake. Here is how you can use these tools to free up clogged pipes:

1. Try Removing the Trap from The Drain and Cleaning It

Many of the plumbing drains in your home have what is called a trap on them. Sometimes, called a pea-trap, this is a U-pipe that can be removed and cleaned out. Try removing traps where the clog is. Check to see if there is debris in the trap causing your plumbing problem. In addition, there are also cleanout access caps on main drain lines, which can be removed to get to a stubborn clog in your plumbing.

2. Make Sure The Plunger Has a Seal and Suction to Remove Clogs

Plungers work by sealing when you push them down around a drain opening. When you pull up on them, the clog will be forced up. This only works when there is a good seal and there is nothing causing the pressure to be lost. For areas like a sink or tub, use a wet cloth the stop up overfill openings. This will help to ensure that the plunger has a good seal and that there is enough force to lift the clog from the drain. In addition, pull up on the plunger and do not push down to hard. Forcing the plunger down can cause the clog to be logged deeper in plumbing.

3. Remove Overfill Covers Before Using a Pipe Snake

Pipe snakes or augers are a special type of tool used to get clogs that are deeper in drains. They are a cable with a special grapple hook on the end. You send the snake down the pipe and it twists and grabs the buildup that is clogging the pipe.  When there is an overfill in areas like sinks and baths, putting the snake down the drain may not do anything. Instead, remove the overfill cover and use this to access the clog.

While these common household plumbing tools often solve the problem with clogged pipes, sometimes they do not get the job done. Problems like a clog the is deep or roots getting in lines will require professional help. Contact a plumbing contractor like All About Plumbing to help with the problems that are just too big for you to solve on your own.