Signs Your Home Is Suffering from Hard Water

24 February 2017
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As a homeowner, you may not even be aware that your home has issues with hard water, because when water comes out of the faucet it looks the same no matter what. Having hard water could be what is causing problems with your home's plumbing and appliances. If you are able to identify hard water, you can make changes to improve your plumbing and avoid future problems.

Causes of Hard Water

The cause of hard water is when there are minerals in the ground that leach into the water. Water then goes to your home, through either city plumbing or a well, and it passes throughout your entire plumbing system. The minerals responsible for causing hard water can be calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, limestone magnesium, and iron. Each other them can cause damage to fixtures and appliance if nothing is done about it.

Warning Signs of Hard Water

Here is what to look for to determine if you have hard water.

Dishes That Are Not Clean: It does not matter if you wash dishes by hand or use a dishwasher, since it will leave lasting effects of having hard water on the dishes. It's more noticeable on glassware because it is clear, but it can be on any washed surface. You'll see that it looks foggy or spotty, sometimes with a dry powder coating on everything. Hard water won't cause dishes to become damaged, but the film it creates won't let them get completely clean.

Plumbing Problems: When hard water constantly passes through your plumbing, problems occur. A showerhead can easily become clogged with sediment build up, such as lime scale. Similar issues can happen with your water faucets on sinks, water lines going into appliances, and even an ice maker in your refrigerator.

Bathing Issues: You will also notice issues when you shower. For starters, hard water can leave behind a film on the skin that clogs pores, as well as cause dry skin and itchiness. It will also cause difficulties with rinsing soap off you. Hard water already contains plenty of minerals, so it will make it harder to carry away soap as the water rinses over you.

While these may seem like huge annoyances, they can all be fixed with water softening. Have companies like Knights Plumbing & Drain install a whole-home water softening system, which will treat the water before it reaches any of your plumbing. It is the best way to deal with hard water in a home.