Cleaning Out Your Kitchen Drain

10 May 2018
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Your kitchen doesn't function well without a clean drain. Dirty water can take longer to leave the sink and dishes can be harder to clean. Luckily, if a clogged, dirty drain is something you're currently dealing with, these easy techniques can be applied to clean it.

Use Boiled Water

Many times, a blocked drain results from allowing too many bad things to go through it. In particular, oils and fats are often ignored when pans and pots are cleaned. If you're allowing leftover olive oil or bacon fat to slip into the drain, remember that these will solidify as they sit inside the drain. A good-sized clump can be the result over time.

Boiling water can sometimes heat and melt this clump down until water can pass through again. Fill a kettle with water and when it boils, pour it down. After it begins heating the oils and fats that are stuck, the clog may dissolve.

Try Vinegar

Vinegar, which most people have in their kitchen cabinets, can be used to clean a drain in a pinch. Acetic acide, a component in this liquid, will eat away or wear down some of the organic gunk that can clog up the drain.  Pour some of your regular vinegar right into the drain. Then wait some minutes to allow the acid to work, about half an hour or so. Finally, turn the water on again. You can also follow the vinegar with a bit of sodium bicarbonate, which is baking soda. The interaction between these two substances can often be even more effective than just the vinegar alone.

Empty the U-Pipe

If you open the cabinets beneath the sink, you'll see the pipes that lead from the sink to the outdoors. The U-shaped one can be easily removed and you can attempt removing the objects obstructing the drain. Put a bucket or deep pan beneath the pipe and slowly turn the slip nuts until the pipe is free. Water will drain into your pan or bucket from the pipes, and then you can attempt to fish out hair, gunk and other debris with a bent hanger. Then you can put the U-pipe back into place and tighten the slip nuts again. The drain should then be clear, if that was the source of the problem.

With these cleaning tips, your kitchen drain can remain all clear. If the clog stays in place, there could be trouble deeper in the main line. If you have further questions or problems, services such as Roto Rooter Sewer & Drain Service can help.