Do You Have A Water Pressure Problem?

31 May 2018
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When water is not flowing as it should, you'll take longer than usual to do your daily tasks such as cleaning or taking a shower. Toilet cisterns will take longer to refill and you know how frustrating that can be. You most likely have a problem of low water pressure. Of course, you want it to return to normal as quickly as possible. Here are tips on how to solve the problem.

Isolate the Problem

Is it an overall plumbing problem or is it limited to one fixture? If the problem is confined to one fixture, locate the fault and fix it. It could be as simple as cleaning a faulty faucet or shower head or fixing a leak. Check with plumbing installation services to see if replacing a plumbing fixture could help. 

Check the Water Meter Valve

The water meter belongs to the city council and is normally located outside your home on the street side. Confirm that it is fully open. It may have been left partially closed following repairs in your home.

Check Your Main Water Valve

The main water supply valve to your home is typically located somewhere along the supply line, before it enters your home. It could also be on your exterior wall or in the garage. Again, confirm that it is fully open.

Check the Pressure Regulator

Some homes are fitted with a pressure regulator. It is meant to reduce the pressure of in-coming water to manageable levels to avoid damaging the pipes. A faulty water pressure regulator can cause a sudden rise or fall in your home's water pressure. You will need to have it replaced. Get need professional help.

Clogged Pipes

If your water pressure has been declining for some time, the problem could be with your entire plumbing system. Over time, galvanized iron pipes become clogged with sediments and scales, causing water pressure to gradually decline.

This is a serious problem that requires extensive work. If you have galvanized iron pipes, your entire plumbing will have to be replaced. Your iron pipes will have to be replaced with either copper or plastic. Copper is better as it is more durable but also more expensive.

Replacing faulty plumbing is a major venture. You'd do well to get several quotes from different plumbing installation services, such as Arnold  &  Sons_Plumbing Sewer &  Drain Services, before you settle on one. They can evaluate the extent of the issue and present the most efficient solution.