It's All About The Plumbing: How To Avoid Problems This Summer

24 June 2018
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With summer finally in full swing, you're probably busy with fun family activities. Unfortunately, with all the fun you're having, you might have forgotten about your household needs, particularly your plumbing. You might not realize this, but the plumbing in your home will have some special requirements during the summer months. Without taking the time to care for your plumbing needs, your home could end up paying the price. Here are four keys areas you need to pay close attention to this summer.

Watch Your Sprinklers for Leaks

If you're like most people, you probably have your sprinklers on more often during the summer. That additional use could lead to problems. Not only that, but if you live in an area that suffers through frigid winter temperatures, your underground sprinkler pipes could be in pretty bad shape. To make sure you catch problems early, it's crucial that you watch your sprinklers for leaks. As soon as you notice puddles developing around your sprinklers, overly green patches in your lawn, or muddy puddles in the soil, you'll need to have a plumber come out to take care of the leaks.

Inspect Your Gas Grill Lines

If you're going to be installing an outdoor gas barbecue grill, it's important that you inspect the gas lines. In fact, to make sure it's done safely and thoroughly, you should have your plumber come out and hook your gas grill up for you. You might not realize this, but when it comes to installing gas lines for your stove or barbecue, you should be contacting your plumber.

Replace Your Washing Machine Hoses

If you haven't had your washing machine serviced in a while, now's the time to replace your water hoses, especially if your washing machine is located in the garage. Extreme temperatures can cause the rubber washing machine hoses to rot over time. Once they've rotted, they'll eventually burst, which can lead to a serious flood issue. If you're not home when the hoses burst, your entire garage could end up under water. Avoid that disaster by replacing your washing machine hoses at the first sign of deterioration.

Regulate Your Water During Vacation

If you're going to be going on lengthy vacations this summer, don't forget to turn your water off at the street. Turning your water off at the street will help prevent water-related problems in your home. It's also a good idea to turn your water heater down to its lowest setting while you're away.