3 Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Kitchen Sink's Faucet

16 July 2018
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The kitchen sink experiences a great deal of use over time. From simple hand-washing to washing dishes and running the garbage disposal, it is easy to see why you and the rest of your household consider the kitchen sink and its faucet one of the most used areas of the home. 

Because of this use, you may need to replace your faucet at one point in time. Upgrading the faucet of your kitchen sink can help prevent water waste and add style to your kitchen, but you may not know where to begin your search. Here are a few things to consider when replacing your kitchen sink's faucet.

1. Sink Style

Not every faucet will work on every type of sink, so understanding the style of your sink is key before selecting a new faucet.

Most faucets will need multiple holes in the sink for installation. These holes are used to mount the faucet's hot and cold and the main component of the fixture. If you are choosing a faucet that has an additional sprayer nozzle and hose, you will need another hole in the actual sink. It is helpful to take a photo of your sink and current faucet to use as a template when you are shopping for your new fixture at the home improvement store or plumbing supply house.

2. Aerator or Not

Deciding how important conserving water is to you and your family is also something to consider when selecting a new faucet for your kitchen sink. Today, many faucets include aerators, which reduce the flow of water, helping you conserve water and reduce your monthly water bills. On average, an aerator can save your family 700 gallons of water per year. This equals to about $48 of savings each month.

If the model of faucet you prefer does not already have an aerator, consider adding one for just a few dollars. The amount of water and money you can save by installing this inexpensive piece will ensure you are making an excellent investment.

3. Finish

The type of finish you choose also matters, since it should complement the look and style of your kitchen. Many homeowners are overwhelmed by the different finishes available, but finding the right one for your kitchen does not have to be stressful.

Nickel or chrome plated are most commonly used because they are affordable. In addition, these finishes work with most design styles. However, some individuals feel they are a bit ordinary. For a traditional look that will remain stylish for long periods of time, consider an oil-rubbed bronze finish for your faucet. This darker finish is durable and easy to clean.

If you prefer something more unique, opt for an antiqued brass faucet. While more difficult to keep clean, antique brass can add history and personality to your kitchen. For more information, contact your local faucet installation service.