Do You Have Sewer Main Problems?

4 August 2018
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Infrequent kitchen or toilet clogs are things that most homeowners expect will be a part of home life. You, like many, may attempt to manage those minor obstructions by yourself. However, if the problem isn't with any individual pipe but the property's main sewer line, professionals might be vital to solving that problem. Why would you suspect any issues with the home's sewer main?

1-Water Back Ups

Your water should be leaving the home through the drains with no help or attention from you. However, sewer main issues prevent that process. Flushing could produce bubbling or gurgling and slow draining. You could be puzzled to see that, shrug, and leave the room without realizing the main line is at risk. In fact, it's sign of some back up in the pipes that won't permit draining.

If you're seeing unusual back ups, you can feel even more confident about the source of the plumbing issue being the main line. For example, if you ever flush the bathroom toilet only to see water appear in the shower stall, that's a problem. What's occurring is that water is attempting to escape through the main line but is somehow unable to.

2-Frequent, Strange or Multiple Clogs

Frequent clogging shouldn't be a major household problem. If it seems every night or so you're plunging or snaking drains, there's a possible main line complication. You should be even more concerned if clogging begins in the basement or laundry room sink where you wouldn't expect them. Multiple clogs are highly unlikely unless sewer main trouble is present. If you've exhausted all the techniques you know for clearing an obstructed drain, it's likely that the problem you're fighting is out of your personal reach because of its location inside the main pipe.

3-Unpleasant Aromas

A strong, persistent bad aroma that seems to sit in the bathroom or kitchen usually signifies plumbing problems. If you're already experiencing other main sewer signals or guessing there's a problem, that bad scent could be another sign. Water could be stagnating in home pipes because it can't reach the outdoors or back ups are bringing sewage back in.

If you suspect the sewer main is compromised or infiltrated, a plumber is likely to send down a simple sewer camera. The camera displays, and in many cases records, pipe interiors so destruction or obstructions are visible. Camera inspections will guide the plumber toward the correct solution for the main line. Contact a company like Streamline  Plumbing for more information.