Four Drain Cleaning Services You Should Consider The Next Time You Call A Plumber For A Clog

4 August 2018
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Getting a clog in your bathroom sink is a hassle. Nobody can wash their hands until it is fixed. If you do not want to fix the problem yourself, you will need to call a plumber. While the plumber is there and charging you by the hour, consider asking for these drain cleaning and clearing services. The services will help prevent future clogs and keep the drain functional and fresh.

Drain Clearing

In the drain clearing service, the plumber removes all of the pipes under the sink. He/she then removes anything that is stuck, from marbles and small toys to rings and matted, rotting clumps of hair. The pipes are thoroughly scrubbed with pipe cleaners/bristle brushes, and then the pipes are reattached. The plumber flushes the drain with hot water to verify that all visible pipes have been cleared.

Drain Flushing

With this service, the plumber uses either a liquid agent or a mechanical item to clear clogs. Then he/she flushes the drain with water using a vacuum suction and pressure tool. The result is anything stuck to the sides of the pipes that you cannot see with a borescope is flushed down the drain and into the sewer pipes leading away from your house.

Drain Deodorizer

A smelly, dirty drain is often the result of mats of hair, skin cells, and shampoo, soap, or body wash collecting  in the drain and rotting. Once the plumber clears the drain of its clog, he/she can use a drain deodorizer chemical that destroys odor-causing bacteria and leaves the drain smelling fresh. Depending on the product that your plumber prefers, the deodorizer may smell like lemon or citrus, wintergreen or peppermint, or flowers. If your plumber gives you an option, choose the one that appeals most to you.

Drain Strainers

A drain strainer is a device that can be secured just underneath the drain itself. It catches hair and larger objects and prevents them from falling deep down into your pipes. If your plumber does not suggest it, ask about it. Having a drain strainer will prevent lots of future calls to the plumber because it will keep unwanted materials from clogging the drain. The best part is that you can usually clear out the drain strainer yourself. About once a month, remove the pipe that is right underneath the drain and lift the strainer out. Shake the strainer out and then reattach. 

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