Preventing Winter Damage To Exterior Water Fixtures

19 November 2018
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Have you ever had to deal with frozen water lines in your home? So many people fail to prepare the exterior water fixtures for winter. This can cause some complications over the winter, or the symptoms may not arise until you go to use that fixture in the spring. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you avoid the frozen water lines feeding your exterior fixtures.

Shut off the Water

You should know that the water must be turned off to the exterior fixtures. Even if you have the fixture turned off outside, there is still water leading up to the spigot. You will need to find the shut-off control for each of the exterior fixtures. Shut it off.

Disconnect the Hoses

Any hoses or attachments that are connected to the fixtures must be removed. Don't forget to drain the hose. To drain the hose, you will need to unroll it and lay it on the ground so that it is going downhill at least a bit. It won't take much of a grade to drain the water.

Once drained, roll the hose back up and store it somewhere indoors, such as in a shed, garage, or crawlspace. Just get it out of the elements so that the snow and ice that falls from the sky doesn't coat it and cause it to freeze and crack.

Drain the Lines

Now, go around to each fixture and open them up. This will let the remaining water run out and leave the lines empty. If the fixture is corroded and you can't get it to turn, get a can of rust-breaker and a wrench. This is not something that you want to skip just because it was a bit harder to get done than you had hoped.

After the water has stopped running out of the fixtures, close them all.

Install Covers

You can pick up insulated drain bib covers for very little. This extra step will help to keep the cold air from coming into the waterlines and dropping the temperature in the connected lines.

These bib covers will also help to reduce the chances of rodents making their way inside through the fixture.

Talk with your local plumber to learn more about preventing winter damage to the exterior water fixtures around your home. He or she can assist you in the winter preparations and provide you with advice on exactly what needs to be done to protect your entire plumbing system from winter damage. For more information, contact a company like Ez Flow Plumbing today.