Snake Or Hydro Jet: What Factors A Plumber Looks At When Determining What Method To Use To Clear Your Clog

9 October 2019
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When you have a clog in your outgoing drain line or sewer line, the clog needs to be removed. It can impede the flow of water, making water drain slowly, or it can cause water to not flow, causing water to back up or a toilet to overflow. If you have a clog you have been unable to free using a plunger or other home remedies, it is time to call in plumbing services. When plumbing services arrive, they have to decide between using a professional plumbing snake or hydro jets to break up and remove the clog. Here are a few of the various factors that they look at when determining which may be the better method to clear your clog. 

What May Be Causing the Clog

One of the factors that a plumber will look at when determining between a plumbing snake or a hydro jet is what may be causing the clog. A hydro jet is more powerful and able to cut through strong items that a snake may not be able to remove. For example, a hydro jet can cut through tree roots or supply enough power to push a toy your child may have flushed down the toilet through the drain line. A plumbing snake cannot remove these items. 

The Age of Your Pipes

Another important factor that a plumbing service evaluates when deciding whether to use a plumbing snake or a hydro jet is the age of your pipes. A hydro jet works by spraying pressurized water through your pipes. Unfortunately though, if your pipes are older or in poor condition, the pressure expelled by the jets can cause damage to the pipes. If your pipes are older or in poor condition, a plumbing snake may be the better option. 

If You Have Frequently Had Clogs

The final factor that is looked at when determining whether to use a snake or hydro jet is whether you have had frequent clogs. A plumbing snake can break up clogs, but this tool cannot solve the problem that is caused when grease or soap residue cause the pipes to narrow. If a snake has been used one or two times and your clog keeps recurring, hydro jetting may be needed to completely clean the pipes, removing grease and soap residue that causes narrowing. 

A plumber will look at different factors when determining what method to use to clear your clog. Based on these factors, they will determine whether it is best to use a professional plumbing snake or a hydro jet to clear the clog from your drain line or sewer line, helping water to flow properly. If you are experiencing a clog you cannot clear on your own, contacting someone who can perform plumbing services may help.