Addressing Your Home's Clogged Toilets

5 January 2020
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A clogged toilet is easily one of the most frustrating and problematic issues that your bathroom will encounter. When the toilet develops a serious clog, it can overflow, which may spill waste onto the floor. Due to the frequency of this problem as well as the importance of having a working toilet, a homeowner will benefit from being prepared to remove these clogs.

Avoid Using Excessive Force When Plunging The Toilet

The plunger will usually be the first tool that is used when a toilet becomes clogged. These devices can help to break up clogs or force them through narrow sections of the plumbing. While a plunger is an extremely effective tool for combating clogs, homeowners will need to be careful to avoid using too much force when they are using it. Otherwise, they may actually damage the toilet by loosening it from the floor or even cracking the porcelain.

Know When To Call Professional Clogged Toilet Repair Services

If your efforts at plunging the toilet is not successful for removing the clog, you should avoid attempting to use chemicals or improvising other steps for removing it as these options could actually make the problem far worse. For example, these substances could harm the interior pipes, or they could actually leave a residue that makes the clogs stickier and more difficult to remove. Professional plumbing services will likely be able to easily remove these clogs with the use of an auger that is able to navigate the piping in the toilet to reach the clog. In addition to being the most effective option for removing a clog from the toilet, this can also be extremely affordable as these repairs will usually only take these professionals a few minutes of their time.

Take Steps To Reduce Future Clogs

After you have gone through the trouble of having the clogged toilet repaired, you may want to take steps to reduce the risk of this problem occurring again in the future. One way of doing this will be to ensure that you are using degradable toilet paper that is thin enough for your pipes. Older homes will often have more narrow pipes leading from the toilet, and this will put them at a greater risk of developing clogs due to excessive amounts of this tissue. Keeping the toilet's reservoir well maintained can be another step for helping to prevent clogs as this will ensure that the reservoir is completely full when you flush. This will ensure that enough water enters the toilet to fully remove the matter in it.

For more information, contact a clogged toilet repair service in your area.