5 Benefits Of A Whole-Home Water Filtration System

9 April 2020
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If it feels like it's impossible to rinse the soap off your skin or if you dislike the taste of your tap water, a whole-home water filtration system can solve both of these problems. A water filtration system removes multiple contaminants from your water, including bacteria, viruses, chlorine, sediment, and heavy metals. Here are a few of the benefits associated with a whole-home water filtration system

1. You Can Safely Get a Drink of Water From Any Faucet

One of the top benefits of a home water filtration system is that it filters water at every faucet using a single filtration system. You won't have to worry about installing a filtration device on each faucet or walking to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a quick drink.

Instead, water from your bathroom faucet will taste just as refreshing as the water from your kitchen faucet. Many people find that they save money because they're no longer buying bottled water and they're able to decrease the amount of plastic that they dispose of. 

2. Your Appliances and Plumbing Will Last Longer

If water has high levels of magnesium and calcium, it's called "hard water." Water with calcium carbonate levels between 61 and 120 milligrams per liter is considered moderately hard water, while water with levels of 121 milligrams per liter or higher is designated as hard water.

While hard water isn't usually a health risk, it does pose some problems for your home. Appliances that heat water and pipes that transport warm water are particularly at risk; when water is heated, some of the water evaporates and a portion of the minerals are deposited onto the appliance or pipe in a solid form. These deposits can shorten the lifespan of your appliances and plumbing pipes or cause clogs. 

Hard water deposits can also occur in your shower heads. Over time, these deposits can even block the flow of water and decrease your shower's water pressure. 

3. It's Easier to Clean Your Showers and Sinks

Another issue with hard water is that it makes it more cumbersome to clean home fixtures that come in contact with the water, like showers and sinks. The minerals in the water can leave behind stains that are tricky to get off. These stains may appear as a white film, or they might have black or brown hues.

To make the situation worse, these mineral deposits can react with cleaning supplies, making it difficult for you to completely remove them. You'll need to use a cleaning product specifically for hard water deposits and a lot of elbow grease to get your showers and sinks clean. 

With a whole-home water filtration system, these pesky mineral deposits will be removed from your water supply before the water exits your faucet or showerhead. You'll be able to thoroughly clean your showers and sinks with less effort using milder cleaning products. 

4. You'll Have Safe Water in the Event of a Disaster

While most local water systems survive a natural disaster unscathed, there's always the chance that a pipe in the city water system could break and contaminate the local drinking water. Without a filter, this contaminated water will make its way into your home. Depending on the contaminants, the water may not be safe to drink. 

A home water filtration system will remove these unexpected contaminants from your water. You'll have the security of knowing that any additional chemicals or bacteria are removed before your household uses the water. 

5. Your Hair and Skin Will Feel and Look Better

The minerals in hard water also interfere with the cleaning ability of soap. You may notice that your skin and hair appear dull and feel itchy due to the minerals in the water. Removing these minerals enables your soaps and shampoos to properly clean and rinse away from your skin and hair.