3 Questions To Ask During A Home Plumbing Inspection

29 May 2020
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Scheduling an annual plumbing inspection is a great way to stay on top of your home's plumbing maintenance. And because a routine plumbing inspection can help you detect small leaks and other issues early on, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on major repairs and damage down the road. In general, you can expect to spend around $165 for an annual plumbing inspection, but many homeowners find that the peace of mind (and long-term savings) are more than worth the cost.

To get the most of your home plumbing inspection, there are a few key questions worth asking as well.

How Does the Water Heater Look?

Your water heater is likely your most expensive plumbing appliance (usually costing between $1,000 to $3,000 to replace), so you'll want to keep tabs on it and keep it properly maintained. Most plumbers will include a basic water heater tune-up as part of your inspection, which includes flushing the tank and checking for any rust or signs of leaks. Don't hesitate to ask your plumber for an estimate on how many years your water heater has left before it needs to be replaced; while your plumber can't predict the future, he or she should be able to give you a general idea that can help you plan and budget accordingly.

Could I Benefit From a Water Softener?

If your home doesn't already have a water softener in place, consider asking your plumber whether or not this would be a worthy addition. Some homes have harder water supplies than others — and buildup in hard water can cause damage to pipes, washers, and water heaters over time. An experienced plumber will be able to assess your water supply and make a recommendation one way or the other regarding a water softener. He or she will probably even be able to install one for you.

What Can I Do in Between Inspections?

Don't hesitate to ask your plumber for some tips on caring for your home's plumbing in between professional inspections each year. He or she may have some valuable tips on things like conserving water, preventing clogs, and prolonging the life of your water heater. And of course, it never hurts to ask for a copy of the inspection report at the end of your plumber's visit. Take some time to review the report before your plumber leaves so you can get clarification or answers to any questions you may have!

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