Event Planning? How To Keep Portable Toilets Clean For Several Days

24 February 2021
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When you host an outdoor event, you need to provide a place for your attendees to use the restroom. When there are no facilities on the premises, you have to arrange for portable toilets for your event. If your event lasts for several days, the portable bathrooms need to be maintained so they are clean and functional for your attendees. The following are some things you can do to keep your portable toilets fresh over the several days of your event.

Place the Portable Toilets in an Ideal Location

One of the best ways to keep portable toilets clean is proper placement. All portable toilets should be adequately placed throughout the location rather than in one place. This allows attendees to find the restrooms easily when they need them.

You also want to place the toilets on an even surface, such as a sidewalk or other flat surface. Also, try to locate the toilets in a shaded area, especially if your event occurs in the heat of the summer. Heat causes the portable toilets to be hot and build humidity. Finally, locate the portable toilets away from an area where mud accumulates to help keep the floors clean.

Make Sure You Have Enough Toilets

As you plan your event, you should have a general idea of how many people will attend. You need to know so you can have enough toilets available. When you have too few toilets, they can fill up and get dirty much faster. The rental company can help you estimate how many portable toilets you need based on the estimated number of guests you expect.

Provide Necessary Hygiene Items

In addition to toilet tissue, you should consider having additional hygiene supplies on hand to help keep the toilets clean and as germ-free as possible. Consider having hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, cleaning tablets, and air deodorizers available to help keep the toilets clean.

Have Someone to Attend the Portable Toilets

Part of your event planning should include a person who helps keep the location clean throughout. This should also include maintenance of the portable toilets. Having a person there to keep the bathrooms wiped down and stocked with supplies will help keep the bathrooms much cleaner. He or she should also make sure the portable toilets are working properly and attend to any messes as they happen.

Renting portable toilets for an event is a great way to make it better for your attendees. If you have any questions about renting portable toilets, be sure to ask the rental company as you discuss your plans.

To learn more, contact a portable toilet rental service.