Is Your Leaky Faucet a Goner?

23 January 2020
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In the grand scheme of problems faced by homeowners, leaky faucets probably don't even make the top ten. While an annoying leak from your kitchen sink can be frustrating, it doesn't have much on burst pipes, failed furnaces, or other potentially catastrophic (and costly) disasters. Still, trivial problems can sometimes be the ones that cause the most pain, and living with a leaky faucet is no fun. Thankfully, you may not have to start thinking about the cost of replacement just because of a small leak. Read More 

Addressing Your Home’s Clogged Toilets

5 January 2020
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A clogged toilet is easily one of the most frustrating and problematic issues that your bathroom will encounter. When the toilet develops a serious clog, it can overflow, which may spill waste onto the floor. Due to the frequency of this problem as well as the importance of having a working toilet, a homeowner will benefit from being prepared to remove these clogs. Avoid Using Excessive Force When Plunging The Toilet Read More