Event Planning? How To Keep Portable Toilets Clean For Several Days

24 February 2021
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When you host an outdoor event, you need to provide a place for your attendees to use the restroom. When there are no facilities on the premises, you have to arrange for portable toilets for your event. If your event lasts for several days, the portable bathrooms need to be maintained so they are clean and functional for your attendees. The following are some things you can do to keep your portable toilets fresh over the several days of your event. Read More 

Three Plumbing Issues That Can Affect Your Washing Machine’s Water Supply Lines

28 January 2021
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Your washing machine may be a free-standing appliance, but it depends upon your plumbing system for proper operation. Issues with the water supply lines are problems for a plumber to address, not an appliance repair technician. 1. Stuck Taps Most washing machines are fed by two taps or water valves -- a hot water valve and a cold water valve. In most cases, these taps are left open at all times so that water can freely flow into the washing machine during normal operation. Read More